Allegiance: Tiral
Ruler: Content Not Found: mayor-christian-harlang
Population: 1.937, 84% Human, 10% Dwarves, 3% Halflings, 3% Others
Located: Northern parts of Tiral
Geography: Forest, Mountains, Plains
Professions: Crafters, Farmers, Miners, Woodsmen
Local Religion: Koltor, Kyra and Bedelia

Significant People

  • Content Not Found: mayor-christian-harlang
  • Content Not Found: are-nass
  • Content Not Found: rany-ania

Significant Locations

  • The Mayors House
  • The Baron’s Mansion
  • The Local Guard Station
  • The Dunwall Inn

Knowledge Local

DC 5:
DC 10:
DC 15:

Equipment Availability

Most items below the price of 500gp, should be considered available. Other items are rare.

Spell Prices

1st circle spells, 5gp per spell plus an additional 10gp in writing costs
2nd circle spells, 20gp per spell plus an additional 40gp in writing costs
3rd circle spells, 45gp per spell plus an additional 90gp in writing costs

Casting Services

1st circle spells, 10gp – Material components excluded
2nd circle spells, 80gp – Material components excluded
3rd circle spells, 180gp – Material components excluded

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