Women rarely hold a title on their own, however because of the workings of world, it happens from time to time, that women are able to hold titles on their own. Usually women are considered second to men, within any given community. However there is still a world of difference between peasants and nobility

Political marriages are usually arranged around the time of birth, the marriages tend to happen around adulthood. Boys are considered men at the age of 15 and as such a they can be married. Girls are considered women after their first period, which is between the age of 9-16, most common around the age of 13. As such it is usual in political marriages that the bride be younger than the groom. From time to time a political marriage is postponed for political reason, which can be many.

Nobility rule together with the elected mayor in the given area. The nobility are born to do so, the arms that they wield are powers granted to them by the kings and emperors of the lands. Their titles are usually inherited to secure their assistance in managing the rulers lands. Depending on how well they assist the ruler they are rearranged according to this. As such high noble houses can fall out of grace just as well as low noble house can come into grace.

Addressing Nobility
  • The King; Your Majesty. Your Majesty
    • other Royalty; Your Highness. Your Highness
  • Duke; Your Grace. Your Grace
  • Marquess/Marquis; Your Grace (old addressing), My Lord (new addressing). Your Grace or My Lord Marquess / My Lord Marquis
  • Viscount; Your Grace (old addressing), My Lord (new addressing). Your Grace or My Lord Viscount
  • Earl/Count; My Lord. My Lord Earl / My Lord Count
  • Baron; My Lord. My Lord Baron
    • Other Nobility; Sir/Ma’am or Dame. My Lord / My Lady
  • Knights or others; Sir/Ma’am or Dame. Sir / Lady

Remind that changes and more stil can happen before game start.

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