1st Day: Kol; Day of Koltor – The Day of Creativity & Ingenuity
2nd Day: Del; Day of Bedelia – The Day of Mercy
3rd Day: Nir; Day of Kaniroth – The Day of the Hunt
4th Day: Ter; Day of A’te – The Day of Honour
5th Day: Zol; Day of Arcazol – The Day of Chicanery & Dominion
6th Day: Sarl; Day of Sarlmir – The Day of Dreams & Fate
7th Day: Kyr; Day of Kyra – The Day of Hardships & Growth
8th Day: Myr; Day of Myra – The Day of Storms
9th Day: Emb; Day of Emberstrife – The Day of Misfortune
10th Day: En; Day of Valen – The Day of Freedom

1st Month – The Month of Koltor
2nd Month – The Month of Bedelia
3rd Month – The Month of Kaniroth
4th Month – The Month of A’te
5th Month – The Month of Arcazol
6th Month – The Month of Sarlmir
7th Month – The Month of Kyra
8th Month – The Month of Myra
9th Month – The Month of Emberstrife
10th Month – The Month of Valen
11th Month – The 1st Grey Month
12th Month – The 2nd Grey Month
13th Month – The 3rd Grey Month

Holy Days
The 1st Day of the 1st Month, the first day of the year is the Day of Creation. (New Years)
The 2nd Day of the 2nd Month, the Day of Love, another day considered holy to most worshippers of Bedelia, especially to the church of Love. (Valentines – Just without passion)
The 3rd Day of the 3rd Month, would be the Day of the Grand Hunt, another day considered holy to most worshippers of Kaniroth, especially hunters.
The 4th Day of the 4th Month, would be the Day of Chivalry, the day of the Grand Tournament.
The 5th Day of the 5th Month, The Cursed day, is usually considered an unholy day with the exception of worshippers of Arcazol, especially his church in that department.
The 6th Day of the 6th Month, The Day of the Dead, is considered a holy day by most, it’s the day of honouring the dead.
The 7th Day of the 7th Month, The Day of Rest, signifies the day when Kyra takes a well deserved rest until next year.
The 8th Day of the 8th Month, The Day of Vengeance, also called the Day of Jealousy.
The 9th Day of the 9th Month, The Day of Destruction, it is said that the world will meet its end on this day, however in modern times it has been called the Day of Conflict as events during the day usually leads to increased hostility.
The 10th Day of the 10th Month, The Day of Passion, in the mid of winter, you need to find something or someone that can hold you warm during the coldest days of the year. (Valentines – With only Passion)

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